ON SALE: $5.00 OFF - Polish Mustang Units

Absolutely no messing around here, this title is aimed squarely at the requirements of the modeler and it is stuffed with good things.

=>note: new, not used.


The book is crammed with period photos and supported with a generous number of colour profiles too and it sensibly begins with a history of the different Mustang designations, their use and looks at RAF camouflage and markings practice. Sizes for the national markings are supplied and profiles showing four variants of the standard camouflage patterns on the Mustang. From then the book is divided into sections for each unit. Here there are many many good archive photos showing the aircraft in service and some of their pilots.

Key aircraft are selected for coverage with the color profiles, often with four views and close up detaHs of unit markings or other details. The book also features a couple of bare metal schemes as interesting variations for the modeller. Most of the schemes cover P-51 B and C but there are also some D's. The icing on the cake here is the inclusion of a dedicated decal sheet with markings in 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32 scales.

The modeller will need to supply the national markings but this sheet has serial numbers, codes, unit badges, Polish national markings and other personalized markings. This means that the modeller has everything to hand to model one of the schemes from the book! Top marks to AJ Press for this informative and well presented modelling reference.